Pioneer Lines Joins the Commtrex Storage Marketplace

Pioneer Lines recently partnered with Commtrex to add storage locations to the Commtrex Storage Marketplace. Through this partnership, prospective and existing shippers can use the Commtrex platform to easily search for Pioneer locations by rail line, services provided, location, and other parameters. In addition, Pioneer will be able to connect more efficiently with shippers by providing a comprehensive summary of available storage solutions.

A freight and logistics leader since 1986, Pioneer Lines owns and operates 15 short line railroads across Arkansas, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Mississippi, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Tennessee. The company offers availability on many of its railroads to fulfill short-term and long-term storage needs, including loaded and empty hazmat on specific roads.

“The ability to easily connect shippers with storage providers and help them develop a plan will facilitate greater flexibility and transparency in the rail industry,” said Martin Lew, Chief Executive Officer of Commtrex. “We thank Pioneer for entrusting us to support their storage footprint across the U.S. Our team is excited to realize new efficiencies for both Pioneer Lines and shippers as we drive more commercial opportunities through our digital rail logistics platform.”

“The team at Pioneer immediately saw the advantage of having our rail locations added to the Commtrex platform. We believe these tools are key to the industry’s future success as they connect our shippers to rail to keep pace with all other modes of transportation,” said Dave Strezo, VP of Shared Services with Pioneer Lines.

“Commtrex is the first platform to create a digital connection to storage providers with available capacity across the U.S., Canada, and Mexico,” Lew added. “There is no other platform that can connect shippers with storage facilities other than Commtrex, and Pioneer is leveraging that.”


About Commtrex

Commtrex is the largest tech-enabled rail logistics platform empowering shippers to find and connect with transload services, storage locations, lessors, and a wide range of service providers. Commtrex is a highly trusted, effective, and data-driven platform that is modernizing how the rail industry connects. Within three years, Commtrex has grown to over 2,600 active members, many of whom are commodity shippers moving freight by rail across North America.


About Pioneer Lines

Pioneer owns, manages, and develops critical supply chain infrastructure for industry, which promotes new economic development, community investment, and primary job creation. For over three decades, they have consistently delivered unique solutions founded on extensive research analysis, creative out-of-the-box thinking, due diligence, and collaboration. Pioneer has a proven track record of providing safe and reliable service while finding solutions and opportunities where others are not looking. For more about Pioneer Lines, please visit


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