Need to Store: (30) General Purpose Tank Cars near Martinsburg, WV

Status: Verify Request
Martinsburg, WV
Need by May 2021
(30) General Purpose Tank Cars
CSX, NS Class I RR's
Additional Information
Working on a project for a Hurricane build in 2021. We need about 30 cars storage space that can be both Haz and Non Haz. I won't have specific numbers until Jan when we start to review what products we have to store and how many. Best I can estimate now is 30 cars. This could be a reoccurring project every year and we are looking for someone we can partner with and utilize the storage facility. We will have more Haz storage then we will non Haz. We have to be able to cherry pick as we will have up to possible 5 different products. Please note we are just in the research stages and want to see what options are available.