Need to Store: Large Covered Hoppers at Cincinnati, OH

Cincinnati, OH or Louisville, KY
Need Immediately
(10) Large Covered Hoppers
Additional Information
Hello, We are looking for a storage location that would typically store between 5 and 20 of our Plastic Pellet Railcars. These cars are pulled in and out of the storage location based on Business Unit need. So typically, the fleet size within this storage yard is constantly changing, getting smaller at times and then growing again...back and forth. This also means that switching cost is important to us. We have a few plants in the Midwest region, Avon Lake Ohio, Terre Haute Indiana, Dyersburg TN, Clinton TN, and Louisville KY, to name a few. What we like to do is have a central location that these plants share. When they need a car cleaned or a car repaired we like to be able to have the car sent to this same storage location for that repair while at the same time pulling a good clean car out and sending it back to the plant. The cars are swapped out. That way the plant is not having to wait for a car to be cleaned or repaired and there is minimal disruption to their production. If at all possible we would like the shop to be able to handle Maintenance (Installing Vented Hatches or new gates), Repair, Drop gate Cleaning (Very Important), and at times Painting and lining repair. Currently, I believe we have between 10 and 20 cars that will need to be stored. These cars are used for Plastic Pellet Transportation to our customers plants or to Bulk Transfer Terminals. Thank you for your time. We look forward to your response. Best, Nick