Big Lake Texas Terminal Railcar Storage Facility

Storage Facility Information

Big Lake, TX
660 total spaces

About Big Lake Texas Terminal Railcar Storage Facility

Located in Big Lake, Texas, GHMR's third operational site offers unit train and manifest services daily. With a capacity to store up to 660 loaded and unloaded railcars, our Big Lake terminal is equipped to handle diverse client needs. - Facility Features: All transloaders on-site are equipped with belt scales, ensuring accurate measurement during the transloading process. Additionally, we operate inbound and outbound scales, as well as inbound and outbound safe rack systems, to enhance operational efficiency and safety. - Specialization: GHMR—Big Lake exclusively operates as a rail-to-truck transloading facility. This specialization allows us to focus solely on providing efficient and reliable transloading services, meeting the specific requirements of our clients. - Rail Services: Our terminal is serviced by the TXPF (Texas Pacifico) and interchanges with FWWR (Fort Worth & Western Railroad) and mainline rail service from UP (Union Pacific). This strategic rail connectivity enhances our ability to serve a wide range of markets efficiently. - At GHMR, our commitment to excellence extends to all our operational sites, including Big Lake, Texas. With our state-of-the-art facilities and dedicated team, we are poised to deliver exceptional railcar storage and transloading services, setting new standards of reliability and customer satisfaction.