Want to Lease: To lease Coal Rail Cars

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(500) Open-Top Hoppers
Need Immediately
286k Max Weight
unspecified  Capacity
Additional Information
Request: • Leasing or purchasing rail cars to transport coal from suppliers in the Powder River Basin • Quantity needed: 500 rail cars (4 set of 125 cars) • Type: Aluminum rapid discharge bottom dump coal cars • Car type: Open Top Hopper rail car • Gross Rail Load (GRL): 286 • Term: Jan 2020 to Jan 2025 Additional Information • Rotary Couplers is NOT required • Rapid discharge gates must require electrical activation. Require electrical activation – hot shoe required • Annual mileage forecast for these cars is around 120,000 miles (60,000 miles loaded) • Requested Lease Rate (per car/month): $250-$350/car/month No builder preference Location preference: Powder River Basin vicinity Vintage cutoff (oldest acceptable car): No earlier than 2000. 2005 or later would be preferable.