Want to Buy: Gondola Fleet Renewal

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(60) 52' Gondolas
Need Immediately
unspecified  Max Weight
unspecified  Capacity
Additional Information
Offers will only be considered if received prior to January 27, 2021 at 4:00 PM EST. Looking to purchase up to 60 mill gondolas. The gondolas must meet the following restrictions: • Maximum length (coupling to coupling): 58 feet • Maximum width: 129 inches • Maximum height (from rail to top of the railcar): 109 inches The gondola cars will be used to ship concentrate. We will require the cars to have the capability of being fitted with self-latching fiberglass covers. Please let me know if you have any suitable cars available, the associated specifications, the current location of the cars, and the price. We are looking to buy half the cars by March 31, 2021.