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Hanson Professional Services Inc. - Houston, TX

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Clay Scott
11931 Wickchester Lane, Suite 370
Houston, TX 77043

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About Hanson Professional Services Inc. - Houston, TX

Toll free: 1-800-788-2450

About Our Company

At Hanson, we are an extension of the Class 1 railway and rail shipper staff. We work with railway customers to improve their internal rail operations, material handling and service integration with Class 1 railways. We focus on many railway-related projects, including Class 1 mainline expansions, intermodal terminals, major bridge crossings, supporting maintenance and operations infrastructure.

We work “inside the fence” for industrial plants, raw material production sites (petrochemical plants, refineries, mines, mills) and distribution and terminal facilities (intermodal, rail storage yards, transload facilities). We perform services from planning and permitting to the design of civil and logistic support facilities, such as drainage, storm sewer plants, solid waste, roads, railroads, building and industrial process structures, production and logistic operational analysis, market assessments, financial modeling of costs and benefits, material handling and other nonproduction, process-related design work and environmental remediation.  

We help our clients through their capital improvement projects. With our experience in rail operations, freight logistics and material handling, we have a growing set of clients that rely on us to assist them with improving their overall rail transportation processes.