Railroad Cars For Lease and For Sale

Commtrex is revolutionizing the way shippers, business owners, and fleet managers buy, sell, and lease rail assets. With our innovative Leasing and Buy/Sell Marketplaces, clients can quickly browse an extensive online list of rail cars for lease or sale. Each customized listing delivers a wide range of details about each asset. The marketplaces also allow clients to create requests to inform lessors and sellers of the types of assets they need. This feature enables customers to locate many types of rail cars for sale or lease in a short amount of time, including:

  • Boxcars
  • Centerbeams
  • Coil cars
  • Flatcars
  • Gondolas
  • Hoppers
  • Tank cars


Streamline Operations with Flexible Railcar Leasing Solutions

With the Commtrex Exchange, organizations across all industries can streamline operations and focus efforts on maximizing growth opportunities. The ability to rapidly locate rail cars for lease allows businesses to free up resources for other priorities. Leasing options for rail assets often include net leases or full-service leases: Net leases often require the lessee to maintain, insure, and pay taxes on rail assets. Full service leases hold the lessor responsible for maintenance and repairs. Regardless of which specific option is best suited for your unique requirements, Commtrex delivers fast, reliable, and convenient access to a variety of available railcars.

Get Started Today with Access to Railcar Buying Options

In addition to hosting a full range of railcars for lease, the cutting-edge Commtrex Exchange Buy/Sell Marketplace features railcars for sale. Connecting buyers directly with sellers, our sophisticated online chat function allows buyers to engage with sellers and negotiate the details of a purchase. This feature incorporates a thorough audit trail, and includes detailed record-keeping of your entire fleet. Register for access now to view the full complement of railcar assets your business needs to maneuver onto the fast track to success!