Connect Directly with the UP Transload Network

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Commtrex is proud to team up with Union Pacific to provide shippers with instant access to transloading solutions via the Commtrex platform. As the second largest railroad in the United States, UP has a vast network of transload facilities across the country. Commtrex Members can utilize a comprehensive database and interactive map that make discovering transloading services simple and convenient.

UP is just one of our many partners. We also align with other Class I transload networks. Find out more about the UP transload network below and unlock hundreds of other transloading locations by activating your Commtrex membership.

About the Union Pacific Railroad

Through a strategic partnership with Union Pacific, Commtrex Members can easily transport a variety of commercial freight products across North America. UP partners with Loup Logistics to offer freight-hauling distribution options that take advantage of an extensive network of transload facilities. Offering prime distribution solutions, competitive rates, and flexibility, UP makes the transloading experience clear and seamless.