An Unexpected Honor

Business Handshake


An Unexpected (but cherished) Honor: Late last month I received the following email from Carrie Foor, whom many of you know is the Executive Director of the North American Rail Shippers Association (NARS), whose excellent annual meeting (see the agenda) starts May 15 in San Antonio:

Hi Tony,

I am pleased to inform you that the NARS Awards Committee recommended that you be awarded the coveted NARS Person of the Year Award in recognition of your contribution to NARS. In particular, NARS recognizes your contributions to NARS and regional association meeting programs, your coverage of NARS and associations, and overall dedication to effective analysis of the rail industry. Your willingness and availability to support NARS has enabled the organization to better serve, inform and educate NARS’ attendees. We look forward to presenting you with this honor at the upcoming NARS Annual Meeting in San Antonio, TX. The award will be presented before the luncheon on May 16…. Once again, congratulations! I look forward to seeing you in a few weeks!

Best Regards, Carrie

I am thrilled beyond words….


Anthony B. Hatch
abh consulting