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We are the premier provider in the transportation and transloading of bulk commodities in the Western United States. What makes us different from other commercial transport and logistics companies? Our differentiation starts with our roots. Ventura Transfer Company was founded in 1869, and with over 150 years of experience in the commercial transportation industry, we’ve learned how to get the job done right.

Our comprehensive services include bulk transloading, bulk chemical transportation, intermodal transportation, tank washing, and iso tank container storage. With 6 facilities across the southwestern United States, all with strategic locations to best serve our customers’ needs, we’ve worked hard to create the company that we are today.

At Ventura Transfer Company, we pride ourselves on our long-standing safety program proven by an impressive track record consisting of decades of awards and accolades. We have over 2 million successful transfers without a reportable spill. With an extensive safety orientation that covers OSHA training, hazardous materials training, company policy training, and more; our safety program is able to ensure that our team members are able to perform successfully on and off the road.


What makes your company different from your competitors?

We are able to provide a full-service experience with the customer service of an intimate company. The range of services we offer, as well as strategically located terminals, provide us with value through versatility. Within our transloading service, we provide any necessary steam heating, sampling, filtering, blending, and dilution. With our variety of offloading methods and heating services, we have the flexibility to meet your needs as a customer. In addition to transloading, we offer services including transportation—which is provided for many of the products in our terminals—intermodal transportation, an iso tank container depot, and tank cleaning, and we can provide engineering assistance for specialty equipment needs.


What are you seeing in the market? When do you see markets coming back?

While the market has softened, all indications are pointing toward growth in the latter half of the year. We anticipate seeing a higher need for transloading and transportation services with the driver shortage becoming increasingly evident again.



Are there any new projects or developments that your company is working on now?

We continue to invest in development in order to accommodate customer needs now and in the future.


What is your company currently doing in your area of expertise?

Our expertise lies in a mix of experience, with over 150 years in the industry, combined with the willingness and ability to “make it work” to meet customer needs. We’re specialty handlers of dry and liquid bulk so our expertise is practiced and perfected day in and day out. One of our many specialties is unloading liquid bulk into railcars from imported materials. With our combined abilities to unload liquid bulk from tankers and flexibags into railcars as well as unload from railcars to tankers and flexibags, Ventura Transfer Company prides itself on our ability to get the job done well.




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