Suministros Industriales Potosinos, S.A. de C.V. (SIPSA Terminals)

SIP (Spacing)

What makes SIPSA Terminals different from other transloaders?

  • SIPSA Terminals is a logistics service provider focused on the current and future needs of our customers. We have a customer-centric philosophy that translates to our associates' cultures to have a "hands-on" managerial style, making sure that every load is treated as if it were our own. Also, by fostering long term, mutually beneficial relationships with our customers and by understanding their needs in a very dynamic and complex market, we are able to be present in the most important and fast-developing geographic areas of México while investing in state of the art high capacity facilities, technology, and systems. 


What are you seeing in the market? When do you see markets coming back?

  • We are seeing a bounce back to pre-pandemic levels already, and an increase in demand in specific commodities, which validates the thesis of customers looking for reliable, efficient, and flexible multimodal supply chains.

    At SIPSA, we are extremely optimistic about the future, supported by the USMCA treaty and the nearshoring trend. This will necessarily increase trade between the North American commercial block, resulting in exciting expansion opportunities for our company.


Are there any new projects or developments that SIPSA Terminals is working on now?

  • We are constantly developing new projects for the market and for our customers. We have a strong conviction in expanding our capabilities in Central México, specifically in the Bajío area. We are currently involved in a finished vehicles rail distribution center that has great potential.

    Please visit this microsite for more information:


What is SIPSA Terminals currently doing in transloading?

  • We have been participating in the transloading space for more than 25 years now. We provide services to plastic resins, chemical, grain, mineral, food, paper, steel, automotive, and several other companies.


Is there something you would like to share with our members that people may not know about your company?

  • We are very excited to participate in the Commtrex platform to greatly facilitate our connections with not only users and service providers but also to enhance collaboration between terminals within the USMCA context. We look forward to Commtrex's presence also in our country ... welcome to México!


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