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What makes New Mexico Transloading different from other transloaders?

  • New Mexico Transloading was built to be the catalyst for business growth and development. Our drive is to provide companies savings by and through our heavy investments in land, rail, machinery, truck scales, office space, and our new Foreign-Trade Zone. Every company that invests a minimal amount of time to learn what we have to offer and implements our facility has experienced tremendous growth. We have seen companies go from moving 4 truckloads per month to moving one rail car per month, and today are moving 35 railcars/month! When you control the price of bulk transport, duties, and tariffs, you can increase productivity and efficiency. We are 4 miles to the airport, 8 miles to the I-25/I-40 interchange, and 15 rail miles to the Belen, NM switchyard. Trucking, air freight, rail transport-- we can handle it all.

    We have invested millions of dollars into New Mexico Transloading and it is all for the growth of others. Our state allows New Mexico Transloading’s services to be tax-free if we’re in furtherance of interstate or international commerce. FTZ savings, in-bond shipments, and storage can all be avenues of savings that are readily available here in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  


What are you seeing in the market? When do you see markets coming back?

  • We see a lot of plastics from the Gulf and metal, rebar, and bulk liquids (propane, epoxies, dust control) are always sure commodities to be seen at New Mexico Transloading. The crude oil and lumber industry are suffering right now but we are confident they will come back. The San Juan Basin shale is a difficult play, it is known to chew oil companies up and spit them out. When oil prices are feasible for production, New Mexico Transloading has a proven track record to be a great asset with 24/7 access to rail for fracking sand, casing, and crude. COVID19 shut down the logging industry and sawmills, so lumber and plywood prices have skyrocketed. 2021 will be a better year and we are confident of this!

    With New Mexico Transloading and the use of our Foreign-Trade Zone, the global market becomes a backyard playground. We would be happy to entertain the next company with “outside the box thinking” to bring in materials through international procurement. We are able to provide port benefits inland with inexpensive land. Any project, no matter the transportation mode, is a good project for New Mexico Transloading.


Are there any new projects or developments that New Mexico Transloading is working on now?

  • More construction materials should be coming in as New Mexico is attracting more manufacturing companies and building more industrial facilities. New Mexico Transloading has assisted in large projects like the New Mexico Gas line that was built from Albuquerque to Santa Fe, New Mexico, where 34 miles of pipe was received and unloaded then carried to the job site. During the Winter of 2018, there was a severe shortage of propane in California and Arizona. New Mexico Transloading was the answer and we pumped 2.5 million gallons of propane per month into re-routed trucks to solve this shortage! Recently, we received most of the rebar that went into the new Albuquerque Top Golf, and today we just signed agreements to receive extremely large rebar for the foundations of a massive wind turbine project in Southeast New Mexico. New Mexico Transloading has its hand in just about every large-scale project that is being built. We work from behind the scenes and little is known about our contributions-- we aim to change that!

    Our future plans are to build more track to have the ability to load/unload containers. We would like to replicate our project, so we could be coming to a city near you!


What is New Mexico Transloading currently doing in transloading?

  • We were built 5 years ago and are fully operational. We are re-establishing trade routes with Asia, Latin America, and Canada. We are letting companies know we are here to serve, and we have built an option for recruiting more companies looking to set roots in this state. Coastal companies are looking at coming to the state of New Mexico to get away from the high price of business. With the Foreign-Trade Zone, we can extend port benefits further inland. Companies are amazed at our storage rates being so low. We have the expertise to help any company, and further, we tailor-make every agreement to ensure growth and mutual benefits.


Is there something you would like to share with our members that people may not know about your company?

  • We invite anyone who is searching for options, savings, manufacturing, bonded shipments, and oversized shipments to take a look at our facility. We can handle just about anything that is entrusted to New Mexico Transloading. As a small business, we understand small business and would like to work together. If you are receiving material, we can help you. You don’t have to be a Fortune 500 company. We promise we will sit down with the smallest of companies and share our knowledge with you to bring you savings and benefits. We are so much more than “transloading”. We’re experts in growing businesses. We encourage you to reach out to us to see how we are the catalyst to business growth and economic development.


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