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What makes Coast 2000 different from other transloaders?

  • Coast 2000 is a supply chain enabler, linking rail, barge, and container supply over road trucking & logistics, all within all one roof. Not only do we store containers (20,000 TEU) for ocean carriers serving the Port of Vancouver, but we also load those same containers for export on behalf of our forestry customers, and coordinate & execute drayage & ocean freight when required.  But we are not just export-focused. Through Interhold (, our import and distribution operation, we can now offer competitive import de-stuffing & cross-docking for customers choosing the Port of Vancouver gateway to import finished goods to North America.


What are you seeing in the market? When do you see markets coming back?

  • Resiliency on export. The earlier lockdowns of 2020 abated quickly, followed by robust demand for our customers' products. On the import side, we see logistical challenges continuing as large importers try to navigate the murky waters of the retail landscape due to intermittent lockdowns from COVID, and an increasingly difficult-to-predict ocean freight market.


Are there any new projects or developments that Coast 2000 is working on now?

  • We see great potential in the Bulk liquids export space – and are now offering liquid transloading to container, flexitank fitting, and the accompanying freight & logistics that are required for exporters to get their products to Asian markets. This includes vegetable oils (edible) and asphalt thus far and looking to expand this service to other industrial markets.


What is Coast 2000 currently doing in transloading?

  • Export: Pulp, paper, OSB, Lumber for Canadian producers, and Liquids (Vegetable oil, Natural Asphalts). Import: Consumer Goods, Auto Parts.


Is there something you would like to share with our members that people may not know about your company?

  • Red River Valley & Western Railroad takes pride in our ability to help customers find new development opportunities and overcome obstacles they may face.   



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