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Bartlett & West (Spacing)

What makes Bartlett & West different from other rail engineering companies?

  • Bartlett & West has partnered with Class I and Shortline railroads for more than 30 years to deliver engineering and technology solutions. We act as an extension of our clients’ teams. In fact, we’ve had staff placed within three railroads in the past 10 years and have been a key solution provider for nearly 3,000 projects with railroads in the past five years.


What are you seeing in the market? When do you see markets coming back?

  • The biggest push we’re currently seeing is work to further leverage PTC data and PSR principles to increase safety and efficiency, enhance operations, reduce costs and keep cars moving. Railroads helped carve the footprint of North America. While they are subject to changes in regulations, commodity trading, the energy market, and supply chain demands, we believe the rail industry is critical and resilient. Carloads were down across the industry as COVID-19, energy and commodity impacts were felt, but we’ve already seen railways shift and begin to recover from those changes in the market.


Are there any new projects or developments that Bartlett & West is working on now?

  • As a long-standing partner in developing custom solutions for the rail industry, Bartlett & West recently created a rail permitting application to help railways handle the cumbersome right-of-way permitting process in a more streamlined way. This web-based solution simplifies the permit processing, reduces cycle times and cost to the railroad for permit review, increases the quality of the permit review, and improves visibility into the permit status.


What is Bartlett & West currently doing in rail engineering?

  • Our priorities are safety, maximizing operations, and keeping power on the rail. We do this through comprehensive rail facility services, including MEP, structural, architecture, and assessment. We are also currently working with multiple railways on economic development and real estate projects to help them attract new customers and increase revenue.


Is there something you would like to share with our members that people may not know about your company?

  • Bartlett & West is committed to solving problems for our rail clients. In addition to our traditional rail engineering, architecture, and construction services, we have developed or secured solutions for railroad asset mapping and management, real estate, PTC, track inspection modeling, site and track survey, economic development, and inspection coordination.