Afar Logistics LLC

Afar Logistics (Company Profile)

Afar Logistics, LLC, is a comprehensive Warehouse and Transloading business specializing in ocean container yard storage, chassis leasing services, and regional and local drayage. Our mission is to provide efficient, cost-effective, and reliable logistics solutions to clients across various industries.
Our Warehouse & Transloading services offer secure and efficient storage solutions for various products and materials, ensuring optimal space utilization and streamlined operations. In addition, our Ocean Container Yard Storage facilities accommodate a diverse range of container sizes and types, providing convenient and accessible storage options for clients’ shipping needs.
Afar Logistics’ Chassis Leasing services provide a versatile inventory of allotments, including 20’ frames, 40’ tandems, and 40’ four axles super chassis for heavy haul. We offer flexible live loading and unloading options and can accommodate overnight container and chassis storage for maximum convenience.
Our Regional and Local Drayage services cover the ports of Seattle, Tacoma, and Portland, leveraging our fleet of container tractors and equipment from independent contractors. We take pride in our flawless safety record, with zero accidents or cargo losses, and our commitment to ensuring 100% on-time delivery and pickup.
At Afar Logistics, LLC, we strive to provide exceptional logistics solutions tailored to our client’s unique needs, ensuring smooth and efficient supply chain operations.
Services we provide:

Consolidation of Freight
Storage of Customers' Goods
Last-Mile Delivery - FTL and PTC
Repacking of Damaged/Shifted Freight
Long-Term Storage


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