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Commtrex has offered a platform to easily market Rail to Road’s capabilities in the Transloading space. As a newer terminal, Rail to Road continues to build its customer base. With a rural SW Minnesota location and UP interchange, Rail to Road can serve a multitude of agricultural, construction & manufacturing-based shippers—inbound and outbound. (Rail to Truck and Truck to Rail for last or first mile). Since COVID-19 has made it more difficult to reach potential customers face to face, Commtrex’s site is user friendly and much easier for the tech-savvy marketing teams to manage. Rail to Road is excited to be a part of the Commtrex community.

Dan Kippley - Economic and Business Development
Rail to Road Transloading

I just wanted to reach out and tell you what a great tool you have built. I just put in a request for Transloading services and, going back to my roots, the process I had to do 7 years ago versus now is a game-changer. We previously had 3 people who managed, developed, and expanded our transloads, but now can manage and support with a few clicks of a button myself.

Director of Planning & Logistics
Rail Shipping Company

RRVW is excited to begin using the Commtrex Transload Marketplace to connect with shippers across North America. Having been a member of the Commtrex Storage Marketplace for over 3 years, RRVW has experienced much success connecting with rail shippers and railcar owners in need of railcar storage. The technology and user interface implemented by Commtrex in the Storage Marketplace and Transload Marketplace allows shippers to find service providers with ease. For service providers like RRVW, the marketplace allows us to easily manage our facilities and continually update our capabilities. By using Commtrex, RRVW can market its customers and services to thousands of shippers.

Austin Gruebele - Assistant Manager, Marketing
Red River Valley & Western Railroad Co.

The Commtrex site made it easy to find the services I was looking for and contact potential business partners. The site is very easy to use and is visually appealing. I will definitely be using it again as additional rail needs come up. Thanks again.

Chad Strohm - Manager, Transportation Operations
Canadian Gypsum Company

Through our participation with Commtrex Transload Marketplace, we have the ability to further showcase our BNSF Premier Transloaders to connect them with customers and increase their business's visibility in growing markets. We're glad to be able to offer this to our Premier Transloaders, which are an integral part of BNSF's strategic economic development programs to create growth opportunities.

Adam Rodriguez - Manager Economic Development
BNSF Railway

As a small business, Commtrex helps me extend my marketing reach directly to rail industry decision makers. The Commtrex platform provides ease of use and minimizes my response time to customer inquiries. Commtrex is the eHarmony of the rail industry.

Drew Wilson
Drew Wilson - Owner
ABDW Logistics