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CN Joins Commtrex Exchange for Transload Service

CN has joined Commtrex's transload marketplace to offer customers electronic "one-stop access" to the Class I's rail network and transloading distribution services across the United States and Canada.

The marketplace is designed to help shippers efficiently find transloading providers that can handle the movement of bulk, liquids, packaged goods, oversized cargo, and other goods.

Commtrex aims to match shippers with the most relevant transload facilities, then enables the shippers to compare detailed information about each location before connecting directly through the platform to discuss terms, CN officials said in a press release.

"By using Commtrex, CN can connect customers with our team of experts to receive the best transload solutions that will help optimize their supply chains. With CN's comprehensive data analytics from our distribution facilities, as well as data from the Commtrex platform, we are offering increased visibility and deeper level insights on customers' goods including volumes, inventory aging, and last-mile optimization," said Mark Lerner, CN's vice president of marketing and business development.