Commtrex News Release: Railinc Partners with Commtrex to Provide Logistics Management as a Service

HOUSTON, TX—December 13, 2022—Railinc, in collaboration with Commtrex, will now offer outsourced logistics and fleet management services to its customers. This partnership brings together two industry-leading rail service providers dedicated to combining best-in-class technology with exceptional customer service.

Along with its TransmetriQ Rail Management System (RMS) software, Railinc will now be able to provide new and existing customers with either fully outsourced or on-demand physical management of their rail program. In turn, Commtrex will utilize Railinc’s TransmetriQ software and data analytics products to provide end-to-end visibility and streamline operations for its more than 1,500 rail-served members. Together, Railinc and Commtrex are successfully simplifying the movement of freight by rail.

“We are seeing a significant demand from our members who are looking to outsource their rail logistics and fleet management needs,” said Martin Lew, CEO of Commtrex. “These customers can now focus on growing their business while their freight is managed 24/7/365 by a highly experienced and skilled rail logistics team."

Lew said the partnership with Railinc creates an ideal synergy of technology and services that will improve efficiencies throughout the freight shipping industry.

“When the TransmetriQ team was working with rail shippers to develop our Rail Management System, it became clear that customers valued simplicity and actionable insights,” said Mika Majapuro, TransmetriQ vice president of product management and strategy. “Combining next-generation technology and deep rail expertise, Railinc and Commtrex are able to provide an excellent freight rail experience that simplifies shipping by rail, making it more intuitive and attractive.”

About Railinc 
Railinc is the railroad industry's innovative and reliable resource for technology solutions. It supports business processes and provides business intelligence that help railroads and rail equipment owners increase productivity, achieve operational efficiencies, and keep their assets moving. As the industry's largest and most accurate source for real-time interline rail data, Railinc's tracking and tracing services help customers identify cars and their shipments in the rail network. Railinc systems have been an integral part of the North American rail industry for almost 40 years. 

About Commtrex
Commtrex is a tech-enabled rail logistics and fleet management services provider with a team of experienced rail professionals, an extensive network of partners, and a best-in-class technology platform that simplifies the movement of freight by rail. As a highly trusted, effective, and data-driven platform, Commtrex is improving how shippers manage their rail fleets and move freight across North America. Commtrex has grown to over 3,500 active members with over 1,500 shippers, and has partnered with all seven Class I Railroads.


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