ABI Report Highlights the Value of Commtrex as Rail Freight Market Evolves

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“Companies like Commtrex ... are addressing industry pain points with asset marketplaces, predictive maintenance, cybersecurity, and visualization which may increase freight’s current 16% share of total transport revenues.” ~Susan Beardslee, ABI Research

In a recent article published by ABI Research, Commtrex was mentioned as an innovative solution to improve efficiencies, save time, and reduce spending within the rail freight market. As rail industry professionals adapt to an increase in technology, automation, and intelligence, there are new opportunities for them to make massive improvements to their manual operational process.

The Commtrex Exchange is the largest electronic Marketplace for Rail Shippers to directly connect with Asset Owners, Storage, and Service Locations. Exchange Members have complete access to all of our modules: Storage Marketplace, Leasing Marketplace, Buy/Sell Marketplace, and an extensive Rail Services Directory. In addition, Members also improve their business transactions with data insight, business intelligence, and personalized services provided by Commtrex. Download our Operational Resource Priorities Market Report to see how companies are embracing technology to improve rail logistics.

And this is just the beginning. As Commtrex continues to keep pace with developing technologies, our Exchange will continue to prove itself as an essential element of the rail industry.

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