Transloading Glossary of Terms


Dilution -  The addition of water to a product to reduce the strength of the product.


Heating - Application of steam or hot water to a vessel.


Inert Gas Application - Application of an inert gas, typically nitrogen, to eliminate the products’ exposure to air or moisture.


Premium Service – Product transfer conducted by terminal personnel, includes operations management, inventory and order management, and quality control.


Product Sampling - The act of taking product samples and testing against customer specifications and comparing to defined standards.


Sparging - Application of air to homogenize liquid in a railcar.


Trailer Preloading - The act of loading a trailer in advance, and parking in the terminal for some period of time until departure.


Transfer – Movement of product between a railcar, a truck, a pipeline, or a container. 


Value Service – Transfer done by motor carrier with self-loading truck, including operations management, inventory and order management and quality control