Lesson 6: Freight Payment

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Having an automated freight payment process can dramatically reduce manual efforts related to freight payments. Integrating with your ERP will streamline your business and help with cash flow.


  • ERP Payment Integration. Reduce administrative efforts with ERP integration that synchronizes calculated freight costs and payment transactions with ERP accounts payable.

  • Multi-Mode Functionality. Allow processing of multi-mode shipments allowing centralized reporting of rail, truck, and marine freight costs.

  • EDI 410. Ability to process electronic 410 freight invoices eliminating the need for manual invoice entry.

  • Automated Freight Payment. Streamline payment processing by automating freight accrual creation and freight reconciliation processes.

  • Auto-Pay. Automatic creation of payments from freight accruals and integration with ERP accounts payable and financials.

  • Match-Pay. Automatically match carrier freight invoices to freight accruals within a defined tolerance.

  • Freight Cost Allocation. Automatic assignment of cost center codes eliminating manual financial allocation administration efforts.

  • Cash Flow. Configure payment terms to take advantage of early payment terms and enforce timely payments to avoid penalties.

  • Rule 11 Float. Improve cash flow with disbursements to Rule 11 carriers when due.
Lesson 6