Lesson 3: Railroad Integration

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Through various integrations, shippers can easily operate in a multitude of areas. From BOL creation to multi-car billing, having these integrations is pivotal to keep moving in this fast-paced business. 


  • ERP Shipment Integration. Synchronize shipment bill of lading creation to corporate ERP systems.

  • Automated Communication. Via EDI or the new railroad APIs, automatically communicate with railroads about inbound loads or empties, schedule of deliveries, and shipments.

  • BOL EDI. Transmit bills of lading using the most recent ANSI 404 standards and automatically confirm railroad acceptance based on ANSI 997 and 824 acknowledgment standards.

  • BOL Failure Notification. Immediate notification of non-confirmed BOLs to responsible parties.

  • Consignee Notification. Automated notification of BOLs to partners, suppliers, and customers.

  • Cross-Border Compliance. BOL formats that meet both USMC customs and US/Canadian HAZMAT requirements.

  • Broker Notification. Timely notification and transmission of invoice and related customs documents to brokers for cross-border shipments.

  • Multi-Car Billing. Provide automated and accurate unit train billing via templates or file upload.
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