What’s more important, your LinkedIn company page or your LinkedIn profile?

Both. Everything in LinkedIn begins with the individual, and people go to your LinkedIn profile to learn about you, not your company; at least initially. 

Add a company description after you’ve framed who you are.

Incorporate the suggestions and best practices above to make sure you look good.

Your company page is essential too. Head over to your company page and see how your company looks. You’ll get an idea of who works there, how they look, whether your company posts in seconds.

Your employees are your ambassadors, and they represent your organization. Do you and your colleagues look good?

Your posts should represent what’s happening in your company. This is a great place to showcase your company’s culture and people. 

Now, share the company posts with your networks. LinkedIn says that, on average, individuals will have 10x more 1st-level connections than the company will have followers. Your network is important. Your colleagues’ networks are important. 

Click “Share” rather than “Like,” add an intro to encourage your network to stop and pay attention, add an @ before someone’s name or company to mention and notify them and a hashtag or two to let LinkedIn know what it’s about #rail #shipper #logistics.

Remember, your profile and network is the key. If you have 100 employees, you have more than one website; you have 101 sites. Maximize that opportunity.


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