Lesson 2: Give Your Team Feedback

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Lesson 2: Give Your Team Feedback

Are you sure that you give your team feedback? How sure?

Lesson 2

Do you believe that you give your team enough feedback?”  Invariably, bosses quickly respond with “Yes I give them feedback all the time.” Yet when we ask their employees, “Do you get much feedback from your boss?” the response is typically, No, I rarely get any feedback from my boss.” If you believe that leadership is an honor and that you have the responsibility to develop and grow your employees (so that they can accomplish more than they thought they were capable of) then you should model giving both positive and constructive feedback to your team. So, what is your excuse?  What are you waiting for?

Three key reasons that leaders fail to give feedback are:

  1. I don’t have time to stop and give feedback to my people.
  2. I don’t have a good process and I don’t know how to give feedback.
  3. If I give negative feedback, it won’t be received well, and they won’t like me.  

First, how can people improve and grow in the absence of feedback? We make choices every minute about how we will spend our time. If growing your people is a priority, then you will find the time to give constructive, effective feedback to your team. Studies prove that it will drive employee engagement, motivation, and ultimately, results. Everyone wants to know how they are doing.

Second, at Excelerated Leadership Partners, we have a simple process that provides the structure for a feedback discussion (see below). And the best way to learn is by practicing.  Just do it!

Third, people might not like hearing negative feedback at first, and over time often conclude, "Thank you for telling me what no one else would tell me."

Remember, feedback is not a one-time event associated with an annual review (which can be cumbersome and often dreaded) but rather a continuous ongoing part of how we do business. What if you had a process, a simple form to guide quarterly discussions with your employees? The Fast Feedback Tool just might be your solution. This process is designed to take 30 minutes or less, is based on two-way dialogue and commitment, and has both a past and forward-looking component.  CLICK HERE to view a sample form.


If you would like to engage in a 30-minute (no fee) session to learn more about how to leverage this Fast Feedback Tool for your organization, please contact Excelerated Leadership Partners today: [email protected].  We will help you overcome your excuses for not giving feedback with a simple process. As a leader, you can inspire and enhance your employee’s engagement by letting them know how they are doing.


Remember, feedback is a gift!  What are you waiting for?