C-Suite Corner -- Lesson 2: Behaviors

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C-Suite Corner -- Lesson 2: Behaviors

C-Suite Behaviors: What’s your action plan?

C Suite Lesson 2 (2)

Based on our experience at Excelerated Leadership Partners, we have found that successful executives share some key behaviors that we can all learn from. When was the last time that you slowed down long enough to reflect on your behaviors day-to-day and the impact you are having on those around you? Sure, we know that great executives are paying attention to culture, yet when is the last time that you engaged your team in really debating how you are living, leading, and shaping your culture? What does over-communicating or being a talent scout look like for you?

Take 10 minutes to self-assess using the tool below. What are your strengths and your gaps?



If you would like to engage in a 30-minute (no fee) session to discuss strategies to increase your executive effectiveness via the right behaviors, please contact Excelerated Leadership Partners today: [email protected]. We will help you develop 2-3 action plans based on your self-assessment below that will make a difference.


Which behavior should you focus on improving a little more right now?