Lesson 1: The Power of Research

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The Power of Research & Discovery


The transportation industry, including rail operators, has historically fallen into the trap of complacency – believing that what has worked well in the past will continue to work well in the future. Certain commodities are only economical to move by rail, which contributes to this mentality. In addition, railroads have increasingly focused on lowering operating ratios. More than ever, the identification of new markets and growth opportunities is crucial for long-term success. After all, the rail industry does not want to be left behind.


Good research drives good decisions. The discovery process creates a competitive edge to maximize results, so nothing is left on the table. Research and discovery drive engagement in new markets like renewable diesel, cold storage, or plastics recycling with both existing customers and prospects alike. Providing expertise to our customers in new markets not only reveals mutual opportunity but also solidifies our relationships by demonstrating the value of our proactive approach.

In addition to exploring new and emerging markets, it’s important for rail providers to look at innovative ways to create efficiencies within the rail network. One way that railroads can be a source of customer solutions and contribute to long-term growth is to recognize the importance that industrial real estate developers play in contributing to this growth and educate them on the benefits that rail brings to their projects.

Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll explore a few emerging rail markets and what we’re seeing within the industrial real estate space that is contributing to this growth.