Recruiting for Talent as a #1 Job Priority: Part 3

Debbie Taylor

Competitive, World-Class Organizations and Leaders Have Recruiting for Talent as a #1 Job Priority: Part 3


The number 1 priority for a leader is to create dynamic teams that are prepared to take the organization where it needs to go versus where it has been. Consider how hiring in transportation goes in most cases. A candidate is either contacted or finds a job opening. The candidate reads a job description and assesses his/her ability to perform the role. In the majority of cases today, the job description is a bullet-pointed list of what the last “occupant” or quite frankly, the last several occupants, have been accountable.

In the past 10, 5, or even the last 2 years, our industry has changed dramatically. Technology is being introduced. People enter the business who have never worked on the front-line. Competition is changing. Modes of transportation are evolving. The talent market has many other choices that appear “sexier.” With the dramatic changes, we continue to recruit for people based on old job descriptions, outdated visions of our industry, and look for people who have walked the appropriate rungs of the ladder. This outdated way of hiring does not attract the most creative and innovative thinkers, it attracts a talent pool of the status quo. We need to begin thinking about how our organization will look in 5 years, what will be asked of us, what abilities it will take to get us there, and begin hiring based on future needs versus our past. Get rid of job descriptions that are more than 3 months old. Put in the effort and think about how the changes in our industry have impacted our hiring needs. We need talent who can drive us to the future! In the words of the great Wayne Gretzky, “I skate to where the puck is going to be, not to where it has been”.

Since many of us have worked from home during Covid-19, it is the perfect time to begin reimagining what our teams need to look like for the future of transportation. Let’s understand the vision and the opportunity to ensure we attract the next generation of transportation leaders. 

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