Recruiting for Talent as a #1 Job Priority: Part 2

Debbie Taylor

Competitive, World-Class Organizations and Leaders Have Recruiting for Talent as a #1 Job Priority: Part 2


Management-generated turnover in an organization is good and necessary for high-performing teams. Constant recruiting allows a leader to upgrade a team, pivot the direction of a team, and be prepared when opportunity knocks.

For example, have you ever been on a team with almost zero turnover? What happens? The team performance settles into the “lowest common denominator.” Every player on the team must be only “as good as” the weakest link because that is the performance level deemed acceptable.

When we see teams with “appropriate” management-created turnover, we see teams who are always challenged to raise the standard of performance as new talent brings in new energy to perform and finds new ways of being successful. Talent that is sourced prior to an immediate need enables the leader to focus on people who look to challenge the status quo, understand where the needs of the business are headed, and incentivize the entire team to raise the bar. When we “need” to fill a position, we often take the best of what is available at the time versus hiring the best talent. The proactive leader is not looking to just fill a spot on an existing org chart.

Think about it, once a team wins the Superbowl or the Stanley Cup, do they wait for next year to compete with the same winning team? No! Instead, the coaches and recruiters/scouts look to see how the environment is changing and plan to fill in weaknesses proactively. Winning teams do not wait until someone quits or underperforms to change talent. It is done strategically to ensure we have the right people to bring the organization to where it is headed, not to where it has been.