Recruiting for Talent as a #1 Job Priority: Part 1

Debbie Taylor

Competitive, World-Class Organizations and Leaders Have Recruiting for Talent as a #1 Job Priority: Part 1


Globally, the most competitive businesses that attract top talent are in a constant recruiting posture. But the reality is that ninety-five percent of organizations only begin the recruiting process when they have a need or a position opens. This means, recruiting for the best talent in transportation typically begins when it is already too late.

Today, recruiting in transportation is still an afterthought versus a strategic part of the business. Consider professional athletic teams. Scouts watch videos, analyze performance stats, attend games, and wonder what each athlete could bring to the team if certain conditions exist. In other words, they are constantly understanding competitive situations and building a “roster” for each scenario. Professional scouts/recruiters know where to pull the next shortstop, goalkeeper, or quarterback when their current one is struggling. They certainly do not wait until someone quits, underperforms, or the competitive landscape changes. Teams/organizations that “win” are in a constant recruiting process. They anticipate the needs of the future business, understand exactly where they are headed, and begin building potential rosters.

In other words, leaders build depth charts with identified internal and external talent pools to ensure an evolving organization.