These Are Key Strengths That Recruiters And Employers Seek In Candidates


In no particular order, here are the qualities that create buyer interest in employers and recruiters. These skills and values identify key strengths that companies seek in the people that they hire.

  • Communications – you communicate effectively and are able to connect with others through listening and creating relationships founded on trust.
  • Honesty – you are sincere, genuine, and straightforward and this impression is confirmed with past employers and colleagues.
  • Initiative – you did your research on the company and you come prepared with good questions.
  • Self-confidence – you impress with genuine confidence, poise, and enthusiasm.
  • Self-discipline – you show that you are organized and that you manage your time well.
  • Hard worker – your track record and personal values reflect the mindset of an achiever.
  • Team player – you show the willingness and the ability to work with other people, and be part of a cooperative effort.
  • Self-motivated – you are driven to succeed and are prepared to put in the energy to be successful, finding satisfaction in a job well done.
  • Goal-directed – your choices—academic and work-related— paint the picture of someone who is always taking on new challenges.
  • Organized – you’re able to manage and retain vital information, juggling multiple demands on your time.
  • Adaptability – you’re able to adapt to new people and changing situations, adjusting to priorities and sudden shifts in direction.
  • Reliability – you keep your commitments, and former employers speak of you as someone who can always be counted on to give your best effort.