Keeping Good People: Part 2 - Provide Challenge And Growth Opportunities


Challenge–or the lack of it–is a powerful motivator to stay or to leave. Employees who find their jobs becoming routine tend to lose interest in their work. The desire to learn and grow, to push into uncharted waters, and be excited about one’s work again is a positive force for an employer to harness. When people feel that they have reached the limits of career growth, and there is no more challenge where they are, it is natural to seek change,

and the stimulation of new experiences.

The most successful companies identify the potential of their people and develop that potential, to achieve corporate goals. Employers often leave good people in static positions because they have shown themselves to be highly effective in those roles. Meanwhile, other talents and skills are untapped, so these people seek to stretch themselves and their abilities, to see what they can handle.

On countless occasions, I have good people registering because they feel they’ve reached the end of the road where they are. Much time and expense is invested by their companies, only to see them strike out for those greener pastures. When employees begin to feel that their job is routine, boredom sets in, then they are ripe for making career changes.

Employees who want more challenges:

  • Seek out unusual assignments, volunteering for riskier projects
  • Are self-motivated and high energy individuals
  • Don’t see themselves going backward, or staying put; they need to be moving forward and growing, to feel successful
  • Want to improve themselves and are rarely satisfied with their performance
  • Establish new benchmarks and raise the bar on their efforts, striving to exceed personal and corporate expectations
  • View problems through a different paradigm, looking for the solution and opportunity for change


Good people want promotion; to aim higher and advance in life. They are noted for their obvious energy, commitment, focus, and devotion. Companies benefit greatly from having them on board. Through their need to aim higher and advance in their careers, these employees contribute significantly to whichever employer they decide to join forces with.

Astute companies provide them with challenges and growth opportunities, channeling their energies to serving their customers, and strengthening their operations.

“Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.” – Benjamin Franklin