How Technology Helps Railroads Move Freight More Efficiently Than Ever

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Each day, nearly 600 freight railroad companies use a shared fleet of 1.6 million freight cars to move goods for thousands of customers spread across North America’s vast rail network.

Ensuring that operations run safely and efficiently allows railroads to maintain their competitive edge. By applying advanced software and technologies to operations, railroads move freight more efficiently and cost-effectively than ever before. Since 1980, rail traffic density increased about 200% with no significant increase in the size of the railroad network; locomotive productivity rose 93% and average freight carried per train rose 63%.

Improving the rail industry’s operational efficiency produces dividends for rail shippers too. Efficiency and productivity improvements help railroads keep prices low. In fact, rail shippers today can move roughly twice the amount of freight for nearly the same price paid in 1980, giving them an edge in an increasingly globalized economy.