How I Upgraded My Home Office During The Pandemic

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To Fight Wrist Pain

Even though I don’t like calling myself a “full-time writer”, writing is 90 percent of what I’m doing almost every day. I’m usually typing +5,000 words per day: Blog posts, copy for my business, newsletters, emails, and tons of messages.

Wrist Rest Pad

No sooner said than done — back at home, I ordered a set of ergonomic wrist rests.

Mini Foam Roller

Additionally to my wrist pads, we ordered two mini foam rollers for 15$ each.

To Improve Productivity and Posture

After fighting my wrist pain, the first decision we made was purchasing a monitor stand and screen riser. We paid around $40 each and bought nice desktop stands that help to sit up straight during work due to the elevated screen.

Keyboard and mouse

Before buying the monitor and laptop stands, we’ve been doing all our work on our laptops. Now that our screens are heightened, we need to use a wireless keyboard and mouse.

Additional screen

Before the lockdown, we only had one additional monitor. So we decided to buy one more and paid $150 to get one from BenQ.

Seat cushions

One of the last adjustments we made was purchasing seat cushions to further improve our posture and to fight muscle stiffness.

A standing desk

We thought about ordering a standing desk when we purchased our monitor and laptop stands, yet opted against it due to the lack of space in our apartment.

For More Joy

A few weeks into the pandemic, I realized that my excitement and joy during work dropped. I felt like it was mainly because of the many hours I spent working combined with the lack of diversity in my daily life.

A weekly bouquet of flowers:

I’ve never been a flower girl and don’t know much about plants, but what I’ve for a few weeks I’ve been buying a fresh bouquet of flowers on Mondays.

Essential oils:

Additionally, I dived into understanding essential oils and started using a diffuser with natural oils to enhance my sense of smell during productive work hours.

Final Thoughts

Even though I’ve been working from home for more than a year, I didn’t think of all these little changes until the coronavirus pandemic forced me to stay at home way more than I was used to.