COVID-19: The Digital Economy Change Agent?

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In the short term, we will solve COVID-19 from a healthcare point-of-view, but what will be the ultimate impact of COVID-19 in the longer term?    

The concept of social distancing is forcibly driving significant change in very fundamental ways in many key areas of our lives. The places for disruption include education, work, shopping, health care, and entertainment. If this same event would have occurred 20 years ago,  there would have been no alternative to the baseline physical interaction model. Today, each of these activities has a digital twin that offers a viable alternative. In most of these sectors, the digital model existed as a secular disruptive driver facing off against the entrenched status quo. 

Could this massive experiment in social distancing actually accelerate change towards a more productive economy? What will be the implications for infrastructure such as transportation? Let’s take a look.