With a Nation in Crisis, the Short line Industry Delivers What is Needed

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Freight railroads are a critical part of America’s supply chain, which is kept strong and healthy by the many front line workers making sure important goods arrive in the right place, at the right time. And the national short line and regional railroad industry is playing a crucial role in ensuring that the supply chain never weakens or falters. We are 603 small business railroads, who provide the first and last mile, keeping goods and raw materials moving, from farm to factory, from factory to retail outlets, all across America.  In the midst of the #COVID-19 crisis, #shortlinesRfrontlines, so #thankarailroader!

Short Lines Ship the Goods Needed by Health Care Workers and Others

Short line and regional railroads are known by the “first and last mile” mantra. They take goods and supplies into areas larger companies can’t or won’t go, which means short lines might be small pieces of the overall puzzle, but they bring everything together and complete the picture. So in terms of COVID-19, short lines are often the final link between suppliers and customers needing critical goods.

Many ASLRRA members have been active in moving the items most in-demand during the COVID-19 crisis, including Finger Lakes Railroad in New York who ships pharmaceutical salt, the Lancaster and Chester Railroad in South Carolina ships isopropyl alcohol, propylene glycol and sodium hydroxide, all of which are common ingredients in cleaning and personal hygiene products used by hospitals and other facilities, and hundreds more!

Short Lines Take Care of People, but Not Only People

When thinking about the COVID-19 outbreak, many might assume that essential goods are those used by hospitals and medical workers and that items not used for food, sanitation, or health purposes are put on the back burner. But it’s not just humans who need nourishment and care, or extra help.