Jim Blaze: Washington Post easy to read coronovirus MAPS — March 13th data. Passed along FYI

Jim Blaze

Easy to read and to visually process graphics.

The geographic distribution pattern is highly random.
No symmetrical easy to follow geo-pattern yet.

Zero deaths so far reported in 40 US States.
Why that pattern?

As a comparison; WHAT DOES a death map distribution for the seasonal flu look like?
Haven’t seen one.

What’s the impact on rail CARLOAD volume so far?
Unknown.   Likely close to zero so-far.
Hard to statistically measure.  What would be the metrics?

Intermodal impact?  Clearly an extended downturn well below the annual Chinese New Year traffic port/import to intermodal train drop.

Rail passenger traffic drop is easier to understand.  It’s related to air traffic and to large gatherings (meetings) being canceled.

WHAT DOES THE PATTERN suggest to you?

Passenger travel and meeting and sports cancellations are reminder of the reaction of a fear of flying immediately after Sept 11th terrorist attacks.

Cargo disruption is more directly related to “manufacturing and logistics disruptions” as manpower available for those activities doesn’t show up for work at origin points.

Jim Blaze