AAR: Railroads & COVID-19 Response

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As the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve across the globe, North America’s freight railroads remain focused on safeguarding the health and safety of the rail workforce while working tirelessly to maintain the flow of goods necessary to preserve public health and sustain families — such as delivering chlorine-based disinfectants for water, enabling e-commerce, transporting food and moving energy products to support electricity demands.

Recognizing the industry’s responsibility to both the nation and their people, railroads maintain and routinely review their pandemic response plans that have addressed other events including the H1N1 outbreak. Since news of COVID-19’s spread in early January 2020, railroads and their Chief Medical Officers have been working together to update and adapt their plans to specifically address the need to contain, mitigate and respond to the coronavirus outbreak in line with most recent recommendations coming out of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

As the situation remains fluid, railroads will continue to monitor the situation closely and modify their response accordingly.