Will transloading be able to step into the future while the world is under crisis? (Demtrius Tsafaridis)

Carego (Spacing)

It can be difficult for an entire segment of the industry to step into the future while the world is under crisis.
How do you anticipate the coronavirus pandemic will impact transloading?


Leadership and resilience under crisis is something I have spoken about a lot throughout my career.  I truly believe that crisis management requires strength to change, and change rapidly.  As humans we naturally resist change, so when a crisis happens we are already experiencing a lot of change and many tend to retreat and change nothing.

This pandemic however has hit our supply chains significantly and as a society, we should not stand by and let that happen.  We need to work together to strengthen our supply chain against threats like pandemics and embrace new and emerging technologies that allow us to be more resilient in the future.

We also have a responsibility to protect our employees.  I believe we have to radically rethink how we operate our transload, who is in the facility, how we can operate remotely, and protect our assets – our people.  I’ve touched on some of the technologies which I believe will help us be stronger and I’m excited to see what technologies are yet to come as we all embrace change out of necessity.