What trends are you seeing in logistics, and what is a solution to the problems that exist? (Martin Lew)

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Logistics Trends:
We are in a very unique time period for logistics. There are major choke points throughout the global supply chain: tight ocean-going freight & container capacity, minimal throughput capacity at the major import/export terminals, a major shortage with truck drivers across the US (which is only becoming worse over time), tight warehouse capacity, and shortages in stock such as lumber, steel, and aluminum. All of this is resulting in higher prices on cars, homes, and computers. If anyone has tried to buy furniture lately, I’m sure you're aware of a 5-6 month-plus inventory backlog. We have seen a significant increase in demand for transload capacity and diversification of freight spend to include more exposure to rail. From commodity suppliers to CPG companies, almost every shipper is looking for more efficient, cost-effective, and reliable ways to deliver their products/goods to their customers.

One of the solutions that shippers can use to diversify their freight exposure is to leverage transload facilities to move more product by rail. We built the transloading marketplace because we realized how difficult it is for shippers to identify and connect with transload facilities. Transloading is a mechanism that ties together all modes of transportation globally, and until now, has been difficult to find. The trend for an increase in demand for transload capacity will only become greater as the global economy grows.

Transloading is the newest Commtrex marketplace, launched in June 2020. We’ve created an easy way for shippers to identify transloading facilities across North America. We have over 1500 transloading locations in Canada and the US, and we will be expanding to Mexico soon. We have strategic partnerships with BNSF, CSX, Kansas City Southern, Canadian National, and Canadian Pacific.