Have you seen a drop-off in transloading activity due to the significant February 2021 drop in rail activity? (Brian Connell)

New Mexico Transloading (Spacing)

No. We are blessed to be in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Many of our customers realize the importance of having an operation and forward staging commodities to New Mexico Transloading. For example, the power outages in Texas were unforeseen but we were in our prime winter season for propane transloading. We had over 1.1 million gallons of propane at New Mexico Transloading during the brunt of the storm, and trucks were rerouted from Texas, Arizona, Colorado, and Utah to New Mexico Transloading. We filled trucks 24/7 and were happy to take care of our neighbors.

Plastics from East Texas and Louisiana move their materials out of the hurricane region so that rail operation interruptions do not shut down their factories out West (California). We hope more operations will look at Albuquerque, New Mexico with NM Transloading as their transportation and foreign-trade zone arm.