What are the differences between US & Mexico transloading? (Brian Connell)

New Mexico Transloading (Spacing)

I have had the wonderful experience of traveling to Mexico and meeting with transloaders. There is a need, and more importantly, a want for transloaders in Mexico to conduct business with transloaders in the United States.

The major manufacturers and producers in Mexico utilize their own private rail spurs and deal directly with FerroMex and Kansas City Southern. Transloading has not gained the attention in Mexico as the premier service or necessity as we have experienced in the United States. My opinion is, that within the next decade, this will change. New Mexico Transloading is at the forefront of this coming change and has created a U.S. Foreign-Trade Zone (#110C) on our facility. This gives the Fortune 100 companies, U.S. Customs Brokers, 3PLS, and suppliers the ability to take advantage of the cost-savings that are now available at New Mexico Transloading.

Most importantly, as a Business Developer for New Mexico Transloading, I have the pleasure of educating small company owners on how to implement the services and benefits available to them so they can remain competitive in the logistics world without having the burden of staffing a logistics division within their company. It’s where our informal and overutilized phrase: “Yeah, we can handle that” comes from!