What are the largest inefficiencies in transloading today? How do you think those inefficiencies can be addressed? (CN)

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The largest inefficiency we see today are the number of engagements or touchpoints a shipper has with a transload terminal.  It could be communicating specific railcars to spot, getting carriers scheduled into a terminal at certain times, inventory reconciliations, interactions with customer service representatives, dispatchers, operators, or management.  If shippers have to navigate a cumbersome process to reach their last mile, it can impact their ability to be quick and nimble to fluctuations in their market.  CN is addressing these inefficiencies by investing in technology.  We want to reduce these touchpoints with EDI/API connectivity to give our customers live information on their inventories, and availability of their goods.  The goal is to create more efficient transactions in scheduling, and throughput for carriers.  We’re even looking at how we can leverage data to provide options that can help shippers get closer to their customers and reduce last-mile costs.  By bringing real value, increased visibility on their goods, and ease of use, we can help our customers succeed in their end markets.