Transloading can be seen as somewhat riskier than intermodal. How can that be addressed? (CN)

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Transloading can be seen as somewhat riskier than intermodal because goods are
not confined to the same container their entire journey, introducing more room for error.
How can that concern, in particular, be addressed?


Concerns regarding load error can be mitigated with disciplined processes and procedures, as well as maintaining a robust inventory management system. CN’s Distribution Services offers competitive supply chain solutions to help alleviate those concerns with the customers that we work with.

It is also helpful to note that containerization is only one aspect of how we can move goods across North America. Not all shippers will be able to use intermodal to move their goods to market. The mode in which we move a commodity is dependent on a few factors such as weight, volume, dimension, characteristics of the commodity, etc. Depending on how we answer these questions, will determine if containerization is the right fit. We have a team of experts that can help customers answer these questions when they are reviewing their supply chain options.