With no face-to-face conferences this year, how are you connecting with others in the rail industry? (Andrew Stahl)

Andrew Stahl Headshot

Zoom fatigue, it’s a real thing. Your mind starts to zoom away when you see another virtual appointment on your calendar. It’s not all bad, just at times a bit exhausting. At least we are connecting, and that’s a good thing.

With safety protocols in place at most business venues today, it is getting easier to meet for coffee or have lunch at an outdoor patio. It certainly isn’t the same as attending a rail conference or a live sporting event with thousands of people, but we are making forward progress – one vaccination at a time.

Our business, recruiting, while often handled via telephone did see an impact. To this, we adjusted to better meet our clients and candidates and reaped a truly amazing 2020 – despite the economic impacts of the pandemic. Texting and other forms of social media connectivity have supported our efforts to stay engaged, proving an excellent vehicle for communication. Of course, nothing beats meeting in-person for happy hour or luncheons, but for the time being, it will suffice.


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