Is PSR at the root of current rail service issues? (Adam Robillard)

Madison Railroad (Transparent Spacing)

My opinion, although potentially controversial, is no.

There are two sides of PSR – positive and negative. I’ll focus on the positive side of PSR operating practices.

Our operation has been a huge beneficiary of changes from PSR and we now receive better service than we ever have before. Our Class I partner CSX, has done a great job in our region by cutting down dwell time on carloads in Cincinnati, OH, and Louisville, KY which has resulted in eliminating bottlenecks where our traffic was known to bunch up. Lowering the dwell times in the major cities was huge but also the specific trains that serve our railroad are also operating on a much more reliable schedule.

The results of these new PSR-oriented operating practices are that most of our traffic now beats scheduled trip times, the service at our interchange is consistent, and our service frequency has almost doubled. We acknowledge that there are occasional concerns with crew availability and other issues related to PSR, but we’ve also been able to build a relationship with our local operating personnel who keep us informed of any delays and service issues.