What changes would you like to see in the rail industry?

Anthony Menzies

  1. We would like to see more balance between the use of rail and truck. We think that legislation is needed to help make that balance happen. To start, it probably makes sense for legislation that gives shippers incentives for using more efficient modes of transportation (i.e. green credits for using rail). Additionally, we need reforms to the current fuel tax structure for highways. Our highway trust fund currently does not generate as much money from fuel taxes as it needs to replace the infrastructure, and with further reductions to trucking operational costs (i.e. electric trucks or driverless trucks) - now would be the time to propose changes to how the trucking industry pays for its use of the highways.

  2. We would like to see intermodal traffic integrated into merchandise service. Intermodal customers do not understand why they cannot receive containers by rail to their locations on shortlines.

  3. We would like to see the rail industry work harder on less than 500-mile traffic. Just giving this market to the trucking industry is not sustainable on the highway system.