How would you characterize your approach to planning (and executing) growth plans during the past nine months? (Mike Kershaw)

Mike Kershaw (1)

The coronavirus not only impacted consumption but also the production of most commodities. For most commodities, it wasn’t so much planning/execution but more reaction to the marketplace.

One commodity that was really hard to react to was lumber and panels. Because of the pandemic, many sawmills had to shut down and production was severely stymied. However, new home construction continued to rise. Lower production and increased consumption caused prices to increase substantially. Today 4x8 panels like OSB and plywood can cost $45-$50 per sheet and take 4-6 weeks to get.

Many food products are no longer on the shelves due to flavorings and ingredients being unavailable. Toilet paper and hand sanitizer seem readily available.

The planning and growth will start now as we move forward and start to see some return to normal.