Are you planning to expand your geographic footprint beyond your current location, and if so, what regions are you looking at? (Mike Kershaw)

Mike Kershaw (1)

I don’t have a geographic footprint per se, but go wherever I need to be. As transloads start-up or expand, I remain available to help with marketing, operations, safety, HR, and personnel. My 35 years of experience in transloading have exposed me to all kinds of issues such as:

  • Equipment, tires, maintenance costs, buy/lease, forklifts, loaders, gantries, pumps, conveyors
  • Personnel hiring/firing, motivations, labor pools, benefits
  • Shifts, split, double, loading times
  • Safety such as PPE, signage, fall restraint, plans, committees, daily briefings, certifications
  • Computer systems
  • Marketing/Sales