Do you think the uptick in domestic intermodal volumes is here to stay? (Tony Hatch)

Tony Hatch (4)

Intermodal guru Larry Gross wrote that he was of the opinion that west coast share recapture was indeed a temporary (“need for speed”) shelf re-stocking….but I believe that for some segments of the intermodal world, the “need for speed” (as demonstrated in this recovery) will continue to be a factor.

Intermodal volume rebounded from Labor day, and as Larry Gross points out, seems to be a +4=5% YOY range, but within that he sees international taking the lead back from Domestic (which includes a big boost from LA/LB transloads); Larry also points out that “normally” the seasonal peak would be showing wind-down signs in the next few weeks. But was it normal? For August, IANA reports overall NA/IM loads -2.7%, with TOFC +3% and Dom/Con +4% and international -9%. But Domestic may be running into some equipment shortages, and the trade rebound strength has surprised all economists….Chinese outbound TEUs grew 10% YOY last month.